About Me

In today’s ever-evolving social media landscape it is so important to be a “practitioner” of your preferred platform. There are a plethora of marketing companies out there, but I guarantee if you go to their Instagram profiles they will average below 1,000 followers. I have a proven strategy that works and that’s how I grew to 15,000+ followers in 7 months… and still growing. My secret strategy? You have to spend A LOT of time creating valuable content and actually engaging with potential consumers.

Now a little history on me!

Formerly a prosecutor at the San Diego District Attorney’s office, I left after two years to become a blogger. Yes, you heard right! And that’s before “blogging” was even a thing. Shortly after, I became the co-founder of The 30 Clean and helped grow the company to reach over 16,000 challengers all by creating community and an incredibly loyal following on the back of Facebook, Facebook private groups, and their constantly changing algorithms.

Molly Chinnock


1000% Hustle

After several years of 1,000% hustle, I went through an existential crisis that led me to re-evaluate everything in my life. I left the day-to-day operations of The 30 Clean, got divorced, and moved out of the suburbs. That’s when I was approached to do a web-series and podcast with an up and coming social media platform called You42. I created season one of Molly Tries!, a comedy about a 37-year old divorced mom of two, living in a very expensive city, who must get a job, but who will never give up on finding her true talent, and life’s passion! Obviously, this was loosely based on my real life. My podcast, The Mollyses Show, with bestie Molly Mayson tackles adult relationships and existential mom crisis. Something I clearly know a lot about!

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Digital Platforms Across The Board

As you can see, I have a lot of experience with digital platforms across the board. My first love is Instagram and I hope that I can show you what an incredible resource it truly is!

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